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FREE Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Computer Repair
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Welcome to Free DIY Fixed Price Help! Here I provide simple, straight forward steps and instructions on how to fix the dreaded PC problems. As an IT Professional/Consultant, I get all sorts of user help requests and problems, and the most common ones I encounter are as follows:

“My computer is running slow!”, “My PC is freezing up!", "My PC is shutting down by itself!”, “I think I have a virus.”, “It takes forever to just to log on!”, or one of more popular one these days, “I have a pop window that  is asking me to purchase their antivirus software!”, or "My computer has locked me out, I can't do anything".

To tell you the truth, about 90% of the time, I can fix these issues just by going through a routine process of running certain FREE products in a certain order! Very often, my customers (end users) ask me if I could fix their home computer and pay me from $100.00 to $150.00 an hour. To be honest, if you follow this site; you will pretty much be doing exactly what I would do in my first couple of troubleshooting steps. Sometimes the problem is a larger issue, but most of the time, the computer ends up getting fixed and running much better and faster than before!

Number One question people ask? “Why do PC Windows computers have so many viruses, spyware, issues, etc?!” and then they start comparing the PC to the Mac! Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but the real reason is simply, Money.

Spamming and hacking is a big business, it is easy, lucrative, and can make lots of money fast… They need to infect computers and a lot of them! So, with any money making opportunity, you need to follow the demand…. There are more Windows based PC’s on this Earth than Macs or any other operating system. Where and who do you think these people will go after?? Got to follow the money!

With that said, we need to understand how to keep our computers maintained and properly running. This is a simple task. As when cars were first invented, people started to learn how to maintain and fix their cars to keep them running as long as they could. Same goes for computers! We must properly tune, maintain at least once or twice a month to keep things running. Of course not all people know how to fix their own car and maintain it and will take it to a shop… but, a lot of people can do their own tire inspections and oil changes. This is how we should apply the information on this website to your computers! I will show you how and you will be amazed how easy it is!

So, Here at Fixed Price, you will also learn how to SPEED UP, CLEAN UP, and TUNE UP your Operating System so that it will run smoother, faster, and as close to as it did when you first purchased your computer. This can all be achieved in the same steps you will follow below to troubleshoot an improperly functioning computer! 

One last comment...  I get a lot of questions of WHY would I want to GIVE AWAY all the secrets?

Simple answer,  All these steps work and can be found in many different websites, and can be learned over time, time I don't have enough of.  This is ONE website that has all the necessary steps to FIX-IT yourself, now!  I am constantly updating the site to make it even better with more info that may be IMPORTANT to you, the Computer User, wanna be Computer Repair guy, unemployed and looking for a career.  You don't have to be an electrical engineer but you do have to be able to READ.  You may, if you like, want to spread this around your social networks. IF you REGISTER with me, I will reward you and show you how you can start earning a living or even start your own business in Computer Repair.

This is also an opportunity to let people know of our 24 X 7X 365 Remote support.  Let me be CLEAR - No Fix, No Pay!

IF you don't have the time, IF you get stuck, IF you have never reloaded Windows, IF your printer doesn't work, IF your network won't work, IF your wireless quit working, IF you can't syn your phone, etc., etc., then call us now.. 314-596-8750 or Click Here, fill in the information and we will call you within 5 minutes - so stay by your phone. 

There is only ONE FIXED PRICE of $59.95 no matter how long it takes, and NO HOURLY CHARGE.  Your Credit Card WILL NOT BE CHARGED through our SECURE Credit Card Payment Gateway unless you agree that the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction.  Printer problems only $44.95  Go For it and let me know how you do.


If at anytime you feel you need help or guidance then click on
Get Support Now, Enter your information, stay by the phone and we will call you back within 5 minutes!  Remember there is NO CHARGE if we don't fix-it to your satisfaction -  Get Support Now

So let's get started with STEP 1

If any of this has helped or if you have additions/deletions/questions please let me know.  Click Here -   Like it!    or send email


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  FREE DIY Computer Repair


  STEP 1 - Safe Mode

STEP 2 - Clean out the PC

  STEP 3 - Scan for Malware, Spyware, Adware, etc.

  STEP 4 - Scan with Anti-Virus (FINAL STEP)


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